Gin and Juice Party
Sep 13

Gin and Juice Party

Vulgar Colors Presents: 

'Gin and Juice Party' this Friday at 9:00 pm 
DJ Tom Cruz + DJ Ill Digitz from Kooley High choppin' it up with us. 

Yes, $3 Gin and Juice Drink Specials and $3 shots 


Vinyl Night @ Skytown
Aug 23

Vinyl Night @ Skytown

A night of funk, soul, golden era hip-hop (and anything in between), curated by David Blaine's The Steakhouse's Adam Kolodny

100% wax. 100% of the time. The Dj'ing will be Local, Organic, Handmade, Vintage, Farm-To-Table, Artisan, Small Batch, and all of your other favorite buzzwords!

Hosted by Bushwick's Skytown.

Come chill / dance / drink / watch / relax / freak-out / yell / cry / smile... whatever does it for you. 

Late night snacks served from 10-2:00 am.

Photography by Matt Payton